Three Kings Day Parade in Hartford Precedes First Snowfall

Three Kings Day Parade in Hartford Precedes First Snowfall

In anticipation of the year’s initial snowfall, Hartford hosted a vibrant Three Kings Day parade amid a cold Saturday morning that, while not snowy, set the stage for the impending weather change.

Undeterred by the chilly weather, residents actively participated in Hartford’s Three Kings Day celebration, viewing it as a festive gathering before the anticipated snowstorm. Curtis Rodriguez-Porter, a Hartford resident, expressed the joy of being outdoors, socializing, and celebrating together.

He said, “Then, wake up to incredible snow tomorrow and just cherish what we did today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.”

The Catholic festival of Three Kings Day, known as Dia de los Reyes in many Hispanic communities, is celebrated worldwide. For Jessica Lopez of New Britain, the celebration holds special significance as it connects to her heritage, stating, “It means a lot to me because it comes from my blood, my origin.”

Windsor resident Nancy Rivera emphasized the importance of January 6th in the Latino community, considering it the most significant day even as they continue to celebrate Christmas. The lively atmosphere on Park Street featured music, the presence of the Snow Monster from NBC Connecticut, and three kings atop camels—a sight contrasting with the imminent snowfall.

Despite the uncertainty of the impending snowstorm, Rivera and others embraced the opportunity to gather and celebrate their ancestry, finding joy in the community event amid the winter chill.

In New Haven, the Three Kings Day celebration continued, paying homage to the wise men who presented gifts to the newborn Jesus. Families across Central and South America, the Caribbean, and various European nations observe this day with feasts, parades, and gift-giving.

Casa Otonal hosted the event with support from Puerto Ricans United – Puerto Rican Festival of New Haven, the New Haven Hispanic Firefighters Association, and the Ricardo Torres Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.

According to Joe Rodriguez, president of the board of directors at Puerto Ricans United, the Three Kings Day celebration has become one of the organization’s major cultural events, bringing joy and cultural pride to the community.

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