Power Up Your Play: Undiscovered Nintendo Switch Features You’ll Love

Power Up Your Play: Undiscovered Nintendo Switch Features You’ll Love

The Nintendo Switch: a haven for gamers on the go, a champion of family fun, and a treasure trove of hidden features waiting to be unearthed. While you might be a pro at catching Pokémon or racing through Hyrule, there’s a whole other level of Switch mastery waiting to be tapped. So grab your Joy-Cons, settle in, and get ready to discover the mysteries that will really make your Switch experience unforgettable!

Embrace the Dark Side:

Tired of squinting at your Switch screen in the dark? Fear not, for a hidden dark mode lurks within the settings. This sleek black interface not only soothes your eyes during late-night gaming sessions but also extends the battery life of your beloved OLED model. Navigate to Settings > Themes > Basic Black and bask in the eye-friendly glow. Don’t worry; switching back to the classic white is just as easy!

Zoom In, Conquer Big:

Does the small Switch screen sometimes leave you straining to read text? Nintendo’s got your back with the Zoom accessibility feature. Just head to Settings > System > Zoom and click “On.” Now, a double tap of the right Joy-Con’s home button lets you zoom in with X and out with Y. Need to exit the magnified view? Double tap again, and you’re back in the normal zone. Reading tiny in-game text just got a whole lot easier!

Skip the Switch Dance:

Juggling your Switch and TV to start gaming can be a hassle. Thankfully, the “Match TV Power State” feature streamlines the process. Head to Settings > TV Output and enable it. Now, a single press of the power button turns on both your Switch and TV simultaneously – no more frantic device juggling and feeling the old way? Turn off the feature using the same steps.

Dream Downloading:

Ever buy a new game just before bed, only to wake up to a progress bar stuck at 20%? The culprit might be your Switch’s sleep mode prioritizing charging over downloads when docked and using a wired connection. But fear not; sleep mode downloading can be your new best friend! Just navigate to Settings > Sleep Mode > Keep Wired Connection in Sleep Mode. Now, your games download even while you slumber, ensuring you wake up to pixelated bliss.

Point Power:

Nintendo Points aren’t just for show. They’re your gateway to sweet discounts on digital purchases! Points are automatically earned with every digital game buy, but you can also snag them for physical purchases through My Nintendo. Here’s the magic: insert a game cartridge, hover over it on the home screen, press the Plus button, and select “Earn Gold Points.” If your game qualifies (sadly, older titles have a two-year window), you’ll be rewarded with points. Rack up enough, and head to the eShop to shave some rupees off your next digital buy. Every point equals one penny, so 220 points translate to a cool £2.20 discount!

Button Bliss:

Do you, like many others, switch between Xbox and Switch? The swapped A and B buttons might drive your muscle memory up the wall. But fret not; controller customization is here to save the day! Head to Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Change Button Mapping. Choose a Joy-Con and experiment with remapping any button to your heart’s content. Sadly, cross-Joy-Con mapping isn’t possible, but this feature is a godsend for players who prefer a specific layout.

Bonus Round: Arkham Asylum… on the Go?!

The Batman: Arkham trilogy is a crown jewel of superhero gaming. But who ever thought you’d be soaring through Gotham’s night as the Dark Knight… on your Switch? Well, believe it or not, the impossible has become reality. But how do these iconic games fare on the go? Let’s dive in!

Arkham Asylum: Back to the Beginning

This is where it all started. Stepping back into Arkham Asylum on the Switch feels like a warm homecoming. The visuals are sharp, the gameplay is smooth, and the atmosphere is as chilling as ever. Developer Turn Me Up did a fantastic job bringing this classic to the Switch with minimal sacrifices. Sure, some detective mode effects are missing in handheld mode, but the core experience remains thrillingly intact.

Arkham City: Soaring to New Heights

Many consider Arkham City the series’ pinnacle, and for good reason. Having completed it with a perfect score (Riddler trophies and all!), I’m intimately familiar with every corner of its twisted world. And guess what? This port nails it. Built upon the Arkham City Armoured Edition from the Wii U, it runs beautifully on the Switch. A slight graininess in handheld mode is the only noticeable blip, but it’s barely a distraction. 

Here are some additional tips and tricks to take your Switch experience to even greater heights:

Secret Lab: Customize Your Profile Icon

  • Tired of the same old profile icons? Unleash your creativity by creating custom ones! Tap on your profile picture, choose “Edit Icon,” and let your artistry flow. Use basic shapes, colors, and letters to craft a unique avatar that truly reflects your gaming persona.

Game Share: Share the Fun (and Save Cash)

  • If you have multiple Switches in your household, game-sharing can be a lifesaver! Set one console as the primary console and link your Nintendo accounts. Now, you can download digital games onto both systems and play them simultaneously. Perfect for family game nights or sharing adventures with friends!

Joy-Con Jedi: Master the Art of Control

  • Unlock hidden features within your Joy-Cons: Find Lost Controllers: Lost a Joy-Con? No worries! Head to the “Controllers” menu and select “Find Controllers.” Your wayward Joy-Cons will start vibrating and flashing, making them easier to locate.
  • Camera Shutter: Snap perfect selfies with your Joy-Con! In compatible games or the Camera app, press the SL and SR buttons simultaneously to use the right Joy-Con as a remote shutter.

Screenshot Savant: Capture and Share Your Epic Moments

  • Holding the Capture button takes a screenshot, but pressing it briefly records the last 30 seconds of gameplay. Share your triumphs and fails with friends directly on social media or save them to your album for later.

Battery Whisperer: Extend Your Playtime

  • Optimize battery life with these tips: Airplane Mode: When playing offline, activate Airplane Mode to conserve power.
  • Dim the Screen: Lower screen brightness to reduce energy consumption.
  • Disable Vibration: Turn off vibration in settings to save juice.
  • Power Nap: Set your Switch to sleep after a period of inactivity automatically.

Data Guardian: Protect Your Saves

  • Back up your precious game saves to the cloud with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This ensures your progress is safe, even if your console takes an unexpected tumble.

Theme Park: Dress Up Your Home Screen

  • Personalize your Switch’s home screen with vibrant themes! Download them from the eShop or earn special ones through My Nintendo rewards.

Audiophile: Enhance Your Sound

  • Connect Bluetooth headphones or earbuds for a more immersive audio experience. Just navigate to Settings > Bluetooth Audio to pair your devices.

Joy-Con Rejuvenator: Fix Stick Drift

  • If your Joy-Cons start experiencing stick drift, try recalibrating them in the settings menu. If that doesn’t work, Nintendo Switch offers free repairs for affected controllers.

Happy Switchin’!

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