Justine Triet Reflects on Historic Oscar Nomination for “Anatomy of a Fall”

Justine Triet is the only woman nominated for Best Director at this year’s Oscars, after a year in which there were no female directors. Triet, the director of “Anatomy of a Fall,” shared her emotions and hopes for the future in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

A Surprising and Emotional Nomination

Triet expressed her disbelief and joy upon learning about her Oscar nomination for Best Director. She revealed shedding tears, especially after seeing her editor, Laurent Sénéchal, also nominated. Triet emphasized the unexpectedness of Sénéchal’s inclusion and the realization that she was the only woman among the nominees.

Impact on History and Future Confidence

For Triet, being nominated alongside esteemed directors whom she had admired since childhood was a “really moving” experience. She acknowledged the significance of making history and being part of a category that lacked female representation in the previous year.

With Greta Gerwig notably absent from this year’s nominations for “Barbie,” Triet reflected on the absence of women beside her in the category. Despite the initial shock, she expressed gratitude for the recognition and pride in her achievements.

Triet highlighted the broader context, noting that only three women have won in the Best Director category throughout the Academy Awards history. The nomination represents a significant milestone, and Triet sees it as a positive sign for the future of female directors in the industry.

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Confidence in Bold Filmmaking

Triet shared her journey of confidence during the writing process of “Anatomy of a Fall,” envisioning a bold and independent film. The unexpected success of the movie has instilled in her the belief that filmmakers can trust their instincts and create impactful stories.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Triet admitted to rarely crying but found herself in tears due to the magnitude of the moment. She sees the nomination as a testament to the potential for creating groundbreaking films and persevering in the industry.

Celebrating Achievements and Looking Ahead

Having received multiple nominations for “Anatomy of a Fall,” including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, Triet expressed her joy and planned to celebrate with some bubbly. She shared her appreciation for other films in the awards season and mentioned meeting fellow nominees during the campaign trail.

As “Anatomy of a Fall” competes in major categories at the Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, Triet’s journey continues to be a source of inspiration and confidence for aspiring female directors.

“Anatomy of a Fall” at the Oscars

Triet’s film, “Anatomy of a Fall,” which garnered attention at the Cannes Film Festival, received five Oscar nominations in 2024. The French thriller is competing against Hollywood blockbusters for Best Picture, marking a departure from the foreign film category.

The film’s plot revolves around a German writer on trial for the alleged murder of her French spouse, leading to a complex exploration of their marriage. With Sandra Hüller nominated for Best Actress and other recognitions, “Anatomy of a Fall” stands as a strong contender at the upcoming Academy Awards on March 10.

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